Windows 10 1809 delay: New Arm PCs having to ship with untested Windows 1803 | ZDNet

The $1,000 Always Connected PCs from Lenovo and Samsung could come with compatibility issues and missing features.

Windows 10 users can now download the Amazon Alexa voice assistant from the Microsoft Store

Amazon just announced that its Alexa for PC app is now available for download on compatible Windows 10 devices. At this point, you can't use it to control your PC, but Amazon said that capability should arrive early next year.

A new week, a new Windows 10 bug. As it seems there is an issue specific towards Windows 10 Pro license holders, for a number of people the license deactivates itself rendering the Windows 10 build u...

[UPDATED] Windows 10 Pro Licenses Are Being Downgraded To Windows 10 Home

If you're waking up to find your Windows 10 Pro license has been downgraded and Microsoft wants you to activate it, you're not alone.

Amazon Alexa Now Available for Windows 10 Through Microsoft Store

While all Windows 10 PC users in US, UK, and Germany can install the app on their devices, only compatible PCs can use the hands-free features of Alexa.

Some Windows 10 users are reporting license issues resulting in warnings that their system is not activated. The issue surfaced in a Reddit post published

Microsoft’s October Update Failure is Holding the Whole PC Industry Back

Microsoft still hasn’t re-released Windows 10’s October 2018 Update. Now, PC manufacturers are shipping PCs with unsupported software, and Battlefield V is coming out next week with real-time ray-tracing technology that won’t work on NVIDIA’s RTX hardware.

It's unfortunate that Amazon hasn’t added any features so that Alexa can control or access Windows features.

If your Windows 10 PC says it's having activation problems today, here's why

Problems with Microsoft's activation servers have caused Windows 10 Pro PCs to report themselves as Windows 10 Home, and caused other PCs to pop up an error message claiming that they require activation.

Get to know third-party Windows 10 migration tools

IT professionals have many native Windows 10 migration tools to choose from, but they may not fulfill all their needs. In these situations, third-party tools are essential.