Trump's Absence at Asia Summits Is Not a Snub, Pence Says

The vice president is due to arrive in Tokyo later Monday on a trip that will also take him to Singapore and Papua New Guinea. The U.S.’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific region “has never been stronger,” Pence told reporters in Alaska on Sunday night en route to Tokyo.

Pence subs for Trump at summits with sceptical Asian nations, United

WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) - Mr Mike Pence will stand in for President Donald Trump at several international gatherings this week in Asia, a region where the US faces increasing doubts about its commitment and consistency.. Read more at

Asean morning news for November 12

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Awkward moments foreseen at meet - Mergawati | The Star Online Awkward moments foreseen at meet

Mahathir expected to be seated next to Myanmar’s Suu Kyi at Asean Summit.

For China, How Much Will the Outcome of the US Mid-Term Elections Matter?

There may be brief respite for Beijing, but long-term competition isn't going anywhere.

By Prabir De Next week Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to attend the 16th ASEAN-India Summit and 13th East Asia Summit (EAS) at Singapore. Starting 2014, the coming one will be Prime Minister Modi’s...

Singapore ready to welcome elder statesman of Asean - Nation | The Star Online Singapore ready to welcome elder statesman of Asean

SINGAPORE: Singapore gets ready to welcome the most senior and respected leader in Asean back into its fold as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad arrives here tomorrow to join his nine other Asean counterparts for their summit.

ASEAN scores major achievements in economic development, integration, says secretary-general

What should Asia expect from Trump after the US midterms?

The US president is likely to pursue deals with China and North Korea which the Democrats are likely to back.

ASEAN leaders to renew calls for multilateralism in upcoming EA summit. Asia-Pacific leaders will join the heads of Southeast Asian states this week in Singapore to renew calls for multilateralism and fresh pledges to resolve regional conflicts ranging from the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar to tensions in the South China Sea.

What the new Pakatan govt will bring to the table this Asean Summit | Malay Mail

SINGAPORE, Nov 11 — The 33rd edition of the semi-annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit will kick off today, and Malaysia will attend the regional meeting under the new Pakatan Harapan leadership led by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk...