Untimely, unwise: Ethiopian activist jumps the gun on Afwerki's visit

Less than 24-hours after Jawar's concerns, Ethiopia Prime Minister flies to Amhara region where he has as at Thursday evening held two meetings on conflict resolution.

How Ethiopia's Progressive Premier is Levelling The Gender Playing Field

Women in Ethiopia are shaking the foundations of the country's political framework by taking on powerful positions.

Ethiopia working on navy and naval base near Red Sea and Indian Ocean

If what the Deputy Chief of Staff of Ethiopian Defense Force, Gen. Berhanu Jula, says is true, Ethiopian Navy could be reinstated soon. Read more.

Ethiopian police find mass grave with 200 bodies

Police say the bodies will be exhumed during the next 14 days.

US-Ethiopia relationship changing amid Horn of Africa power struggle

US foreign policy is changing its stance toward Ethiopia, which is increasingly being drawn closer to a Saudi-led bloc as a cold war in the Gulf region opens up, the old forces — the US, UK and France — increasingly displaced by a new generation of Middle Eastern powers, with everyone racing to gain a foothold in what is becoming one of the world’s most militarized regions.

Ethiopia's Sweeping Democratic Reforms: Exiled Ethiopian Politician Returns Home With Hope And Fear | The African Exponent

Berhanu Nega, who had been exiled for many years because of his critical views of the regime, finally returned to Ethiopia, a signal of Abiy Ahmed's sweeping democratic reforms.

Ethiopia: Military Reaffirms Intention to Build Navy

The Ethiopian military has reiterated that it intends to build a navy, despite being landlocked, Xinhua reported Nov. 8.

Ethiopia PM in Amhara region: to host Eritrea, Somali leaders

PM Abiy's deputy, Demeke Mekonnen, who leads the Amhara Democratic Party, ADP, is also on the trip along with other officials.

Ethiopia and Eritrea Need Their Peace

Ethiopia and Eritrea began a spectacular rapprochement this summer, and stability in the Horn of Africa depends on its lasting.